Russian property market started to develop from 1991, when private ownership to land and property was conferred to persons and entities. From that time on property law in Russia has been suffering a lot amendments giving birth to great number of uncertainties as to possession and enjoyment of property. Once you get in Russia and want to make and run business or conduct any other activity in respect of land or property, you will definitely find it difficult or even impossible to understand how to deal with property. It is a result of constant development of Russian property law. You may be provided with clear title but there may be no guarantee that the title is valid. You expect to get clear understanding of your costs for development, but then, after one or two steps you will be surprised by increased expenses. A property offered to you may seem quite attractive in price but after a deal you find out that the administrative cost for minor amendments actually twice higher than you have paid for the property. While dealing with property without professional advisor you always face risks that in some cases may totally ruin all your expectations.

From the other hand, Russian property market is one of the most promising. Development projects in Moscow and Moscow regions usually bring IRR of 20% and more at the third year of investment. So, it's really worth investing, but an investment shall be supported by professional advising that we are ready to provide.